KGW Foundry Crane Scale

The KGW foundry crane scale is an extremely robust crane weigher, protected against shock loading and constructed primarily for heavy industrial use.

Using the supplied infrared hand transmitter, the scale can be tared off up to a distance of 30 M, without any wires or festooned cables. Extremely simple to use. The subtracted weight when selected is displayed as a negative tare with a “minus sign”. If required, the system may be expanded by using an optional wireless data receiver.

manufactured by EHP, foundry crane scale

Weighing capacities

  •     1.000 kg x 0.5 kg
  •     2.000 kg x    1 kg
  •     5.000 kg x    2 kg
  •   10.000 kg x    5 kg
  •   15.000 kg x  10 kg
  •   20.000 kg x 10 kg
  •   30.000 kg x 10 kg
  •   32.000 kg x 10 kg
  •   50.000 kg x 2o kg
  •   70.000 kg x 20 kg
  • 100.000 kg x 50 kg


  • Non-destructible steel housing for use in foundry applications and in hot environments
  • German TÜV tested, in accordance with DIN 15402 and 15405 part 1. / UVV (VBG 1 + 9a)
  • Minimal headroom loss
  • Shock loading protected
  • The load sensor is a high-quality OIML-approved load cell for long-term stability
  • Weighing electronics using the latest SMD technology and precision
  • Assured readability with 50 mm bright LED display
  • High accuracy of measured value, 0.03% of rated capacity
  • Battery operation with rechargeable battery
  • Optional: Wireless transfer of weighing data to peripheral receiver units

Areas of application

  • Foundries, charging, blending, weighing hot metal. Using lifting magnets, spheroidal casting, grey-cast iron and chemicals solids, feeds and bulk products, etc.
  • Reverse weighing for dosing applications of overload protected
  • Weighing of rolled steel, coils, sheet metal
  • Control of goods inward/outward
  • Test loading and safety tests of e.g. crane equipment