Special Purpose Crane Scales

Special Purpose Crane Scales


At Phoenix Scales we supply crane scale solutions to suit your application either from standard off the shelf units to special purpose solutions to suit your particular application upto 100 ton. These can be stand alone crane scales, In-built crane scales, compound systems for weighing bars or tubes and even linked to remote displays or connected to your network.

LKE & KGW Heavy Duty Crane Scales for Harsh Environments


The LKE range of Crane Scales are ideal for use in galvanizing plants or environments where the electronics are subject to fumes etc. these sealed units offer protection to ensure long life and repeatable weights. For foundry applications our KGW range of Crane Scales come into there own, supplied with either single or double heat shields for temperatures over 1400 Deg.C.

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Heavy Duty Crane Scales for Harsh Environments


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