Challenger 2 MSI 3360

Challenger 2 Trade Approved Crane Weigher

Challenger 2 msi 3360 trade approved crane weigher, hanging scale

Challenger 2

The MSI 3360 Challenger 2 crane scale provides the features and reliability you expect from industry’s leading manufacturer of electronic crane scales. When you weigh quality and price, there is not a better value than the Challenger 2 for indoor weighing applications up to 7.5 tons.

Every Challenger 2 is NTEP Approved for accuracy. Its advanced electronics offer you versatility with an unrivaled standard feature set that includes: Tare, Units switching, Tantalizing, Peak, Hold, Set Points, Filtering and a convenient lift-cycle counter.

Mechanically the msi 3360 Challenger 2 crane scale has proven itself through years of service. A rugged, low profile enclosure minimizes headroom loss while maintaining weather resistance and portability. It also sets the standard for readability. With several annunciators and over sized 1.2 in (30 mm) LED digits, you can read the display easily from more than 50 ft (15 m) away.

MSI 3360 Challenger 2 Crane Scale Trade Approved 

This high resolution crane scale can be set upto 10,000 divisions giving a precise 0.1% loading accuracy over a broad capacity range from 125 to 7,500 kg. With over 80 hours of product operating time is reached with a single 6-volt rechargeable battery. This has been upgraded to NEMA 12, IP54 levels which is unrivaled in this type of industry with the highest safety standards, MSI’s Challenger continues to sustain minimum 200% safe and 500% ultimate load ratings.

Weighing Capacities

  •    250 kg x   0.1 kg
  •   500 kg x  0.2 kg
  • 1000 kg x  0.5 kg
  • 2500 kg x      1 kg
  • 5000 kg x      2 kg
  • 7500 kg x      5 kg


  • Up to 80 hours between charges
  • Kilograms or pounds selectable
  • Crosby with 360 non-bearing swivel hook
  • 200 % safe overload/500% ultimate overload
  • IP54 protection rating
  • Optional RF remote controller or RF Remote display

 Areas of Application

  • Steel industry, weighing of rolled sheet metal and coils
  • Paper industry
  • Food industry