Force Measurement Devices

Force Measurement Devices

Our range of Sauter force measuring devices and test stands are easy to use, give high speed of operation and are tough enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions in all applications. All units have peak hold functions,zero and selectable weighing units of Lb, Kg and N for use from 2 N to 5000 N.

FH-S Universal digital force gauge (Push / Pull) with Peak-Hold function with RS-232

FH-S Range

Sauter Force Guage

  •  Turnable display with backlight
  • Can be mounted on all manual test stands
  • Digital force gauge with internal sensor
  • Data interface RS-232, included
  • Standard attachments: as shown below, extension rod: 90 mm
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case
  • Selectable measuring units: N, lb, kg
  • Real time or Peak Hold Mode to observe transcients or capture peaks
  • Function to set limits: Programmable high / low setpoints for go/no-go testing. Light and sound signal output
  • Auto-Power-Off
  • Mini Statistics Kit: calculates the average result from up to ten stored single results, min., max., n


Manual Test Stands for our Range of Sauter Force Measurement Units 

force measurement units

Sauter Manual Test Stands

Sauter TPE Peel Test Stand

The Sauter test stand TPE has been developed specifically for peel testing. Typically this involves pulling a bonded material layer from a base material, it is safe and reliable to sue and as general rule the significant value in this process is the force required to pull away the top layer from the bonded material. It is designed such that the force measuring unit exerting the force simultaneously moves side wards and upwards. This means that a peel-off movement is produced, avoiding shear forces which could distort the result and moves at an angle of 45° to the horizontal and the force-measurement device is fitted in an exact vertical position suitable for upto 500 N.

Sauter TVL with Digital Length Meter

This is used for vertical and horizontal measurements where precise results are required, it has a large base plate with various holes for fixture mountings and can be used for force gauges upto 500N


Motorised Test Stands for our Range of Sauter Force Measurement Units 

Morirised test stand range

Sauter Motorised Test Stands