Telebox PLC

Telebox PLC

This weighing data receiving unit includes digital display to remotely view the weighed data and serial interfaces of either RS 232 V.24 and RS 485, or both for connection to PC’s or PLC’s used within the process weighing industry. The received weighing data is shown on the display and the weighing data can be individually processed using the various interfaces or use one of the 5 built in relays outputs to control local outputs. To comply with weights and measures legislations in built alibi memory allows storage of 65000 weighing records.


Telebox PLC remote display


  • 4 – 20 mA analogue output for PLC applications
  • 5 relay outputs using controllable target value specification of scales
  • Profibus connection available using a separate converter
  • Alibi data storage with adding option, time, date and accompanying weighing data/simple readout and processing using the SD card or RS232/485 interface
  • Simple operating structure, weight remote control as an option
  • Changing administration of two weighing systems without configuration, also in a group to establish the total sum as an alternative
  • Reverse compatibility to Telebox Plus System
  • Portable devices with power pack (rechargeable battery) available

 Performance features

  •  Wireless transmission up to 100 m, up to 500 m as an option
  • BNetzA approved
  • EMC tested
  • RS-232 (V. 24), RS 485 interface
  • Bi-directional wireless path
  • 4-20 mA interface
  • 5 relay outputs
  • SD card slot
  • Dimensions: 220/50/115