Compound Weighing

Galvanizing weights determined using Compound System 

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Compound weighing systems with wireless base station

For some applications such as galvanizing or where long lengths of tubes require weighing the crane has two hoists, normally this causes a problem and the operator would have to add the weight together manually to display the galvanizing weights picked up by the raw material. Our compound weighing system has been designed to overcome this by the master/slave system, the master scale receives the weight of the slave scale by radio  and displays the total value. The recorded weight value of each individual scale. Depending again on your application this can be displayed on the master scale and or transmitted by radio to a receiver unit (Teledata) if your require which will allow you to enter order number, customer name etc. which will be printed on a tally roll ticket. In the data is required to be linked to other systems such as ERP this can easily be acheived by using our Net Scale interface. Crane Scales are part of phoenix scales

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Bar Weighing with the EHP System