LDN Trade Approved Crane Weigher

The LDN EHP trade approved crane scales are widely used within the steel industry where suspended or hanging applications are suitable with its bright 42 mm LED display giving allowing viewing from upto 40 m, supplied as standard with a remote control to allow functions such as on/off, tare, zero. When connected to any of our base stations the print button also allows the operator to print the weight. It is designed to operate in temperatures between -30 °C and +80°


Trade Approved Crane Weighers

EHP are the leading European manufacture of crane weighers for all industry types, if your application involves transactions where monetary transactions take place then the LDN trade approved unit is essential. Supplied in weighing capacities from 500 to 50000 kg.

Weighing capacities

  •      500 kg  x  0.2 kg
  •   1.000 kg  x  0.5 kg
  •   2.000 kg  x     1 kg
  •   5.000 kg  x     2 kg
  • 10.000 kg  x     5 kg
  • 20.000 kg  x   10 kg
  • 30.000 kg  x   20 kg
  • 50.000 kg  x   20 kg


  • Very high accuracy of 0.03% rated capacity.
  • 3-year guarantee of accuracy and operation of the load cell.
  • German TÜV approved
  • Instantaneous display of weight
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Permissible overload factor of mechanical parts to 500% of the scale capacity
  • Can be tared off up to 100%, using the infrared hand transmitter
  • Illuminated display for use within dark locations
  • Optional/retrofit kits: Weighing Data Transmission by UHF radio to peripheral equipments








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