Waste weighing systems

Waste weighing systems

Cut Waste & Increase Profit


Using our waste weighing systems by cutting waste and increasing profit, thus any reduction in waste goes straight off the bottom line. Waste reduction can pay back the outlay of the equipment within months rather than years and can often cost very little to implement.

With our waste weighing systems we can configure the equipment to suit your company’s business by using on screen prompts for the operators in the terminology that they currently use, the operators use the simple touch screen to select the correct waste type and department along with other associated data required. This allows the weights to be stored in various ways allowing you to determine where and how much waste is created, therefore once installed you get a total breakdown of product or waste movement throughout the factory area.

Data can be viewed locally or for more in-depth analysis it can be imported into standard excel documents using the USB interface or networked if required where graphical information can also be displayed which would allow you to easily sort by any of the parameters entered.

weighing scales, waste weighing systems

Waste weighing systems

Data can generated locally and recorded by:

  • Date/Time
  • Waste Type
  • Operator
  • Department
  • Container







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