Weighbridges Surface or Pit Mounted


We are able to supply weighbridges of various sizes on short and long term hire or if you prefer to purchase we can offer systems to suit your exact requirements.

When purchasing a weighbridge we can supply either Surface or Pit Mounted systems in a wide range of standard sizes, if however you have an existing weighbridge pit we can manufacture a bespoke size to suit your application. All our weighbridges are manufactured in the UK and can be supplied as standalone weighbridge systems or complete with software to control single or multiple weighbridges.

Hire Weighbridges

With our hire weighbridges they are surface mounted with on/off steel ramps connected to a weight indicator and ticket printer and are EC Trade Verified, delivered/set up on your site after carrying out a site survey.

Surface Mounted Weighbridge & Software

Surface or Pit Mounted Weighbridges & Software Solutions

Weighbridge V


The Weitruck PC Software allows you to completely manage your weighbridge system, it is compatible with the DFW and DGT series’ weight indicators, the program offers a simple and intuitive operator interface, wide range of supported functions, databases for the storage of the customer, material, and vehicle data, management of the totals and programmable printouts. Complete of alibi memory for approved systems.

  • Weighing Managed by the Operator
    – Single weigh, with entry of the vehicle tare weight.
    – INPUT/OUTPUT weigh, with recall of the input weight through the vehicle plate or the weight identifying code.
    – Customer, material and vehicle selectionable from database (over 5000 programmable storages) or with quick entry.
    – Completely programmable printouts, with graphic preview of the created format; the software allows also to create printouts with logos, barcodes, database date and all the weight data under way.
    – Possibility of login with Smart Card, with management of various user groups (administrator, operator…).
    This mode allows to use the weighbridge without any operators, execution of the operations on PC, through the use of the BADGE or CHIP CARDS, directly programmable through the WeiTruck, which contain the customer, material, and vehicle data.



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